Why Ho Yoku is Synonymous with excellence

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Ho Yoku provides the highest quality support products for all of your bonsai, succulent, and other prized plant needs.

Originally begun by bonsai legend and author, Colin Lewis, the name “Ho Yoku” is synonymous with excellence.

Recently, we at Ho Yoku have expanded on the foundation set by Mr. Lewis to further accommodate consumers looking for easy-to-use specialty products.

As we understand that your bonsai and other flora are precious, the number one priority of the Ho Yoku brand is plant health and plant safety. With this dedication to service, Ho Yoku hand-selects our ingredients and carefully manages the concentrations of our products to avoid the all-too-frequent mistakes made by others.

In a market dominated by companies selling merchandise aimed at recreational consumers but designed for commercial use, sold without proper testing and consideration of consequences, or simply offering ineffective products, Ho Yoku is an alternative that you will be grateful to trust.

From fertilizers and innovative vitamin supplements to insecticides and mycorrhizae inoculants, Ho Yoku’s specially formulated bonsai and plant support products have clear directions for application and come in user-friendly packaging.

We are a company run by individuals who utilize our own product line in both personal and professional capacities, so rest assured that anything sold under the Ho Yoku name has been developed with the utmost regard.