High Quality Support Products for Bonsai, Succulents, and other Prized Plant Needs

Fertilizers, Vitamin Supplements, Insecticides, and Mycorrhizae inoculants to name a few.

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Ho Yoku 3-3-3 Bonsai Fertilizer

Ho Yoku 3-3-3 Fertilizer

Ho Yoku 3-3-3 is the quintessential multipurpose plant fertilizer.This liquid concentrate is perfect for most plant and bonsai needs during the growing season and beyond.

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Ho Yoku All-Natural Pesticide

Ho Yoku’s Pesticide is a broad-spectrum spray treatment for preventing and eliminating infestations of insects. This ready-to-use product is sold in a convenient spray bottle and can also be used on powdery mildew

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Ho Yoku All-Natural Pesticide for Bonsai
Ho Yoku Micrototal Bonsai Fertilizer

Ho Yoku MicroTotal

Ho Yoku MicroTotal is a concentrated supplement for maintaining peak health in your bonsai and other plants.While our fertilizers provide the macronutrients that flora require on a regular basis for growth, this product contains micronutrients which are also essential, but should be used less frequently.

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