Ho Yoku FAQ

How do I find which Ho Yoku product I need?

Each of the Ho Yoku products have specific uses. We suggest browsing our entire line and reading the description for each item to best ascertain which of our top-quality offerings is right for you.

What can Ho Yoku products be used on?

Ho Yoku products are designed for bonsai use, but nearly all the items from the Ho Yoku line can increase the health and happiness of potted succulents, house plants, containerized patio plants, or landscapes and gardens. The Ho Yoku Jin Seal is our only support product which is packaged exclusively for bonsai use.

How do I mix Ho Yoku products?

Check the specific directions for use of each product. Some Ho Yoku products come pre-mixed and ready-to-use, while others might require being added to water before application. Should a Ho Yoku product require water, clear instructions with the mixture ratios are given and all of Ho Yoku’s packaging is designed specifically to make them easier to use and store.

When should I use Ho Yoku products?

Depending on the bonsai or plant, and the product itself, the Ho Yoku line is designed to be used during specific seasons, at regular intervals, or as needed. Refer to the individual descriptions of our Ho Yoku products for recommendations on usage.

What do the numbers used on Ho Yoku fertilizers mean?

NPK – Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium – these are the macronutrients in fertilizers that feed plant growth. The numbers for each macronutrient in a fertilizer starts at 0 and increases based on the intention of the product. For example, the Ho Yoku 3-3-3 fertilizer has a balanced percentage of macronutrients. Nitrogen promotes foliar growth, Phosphorus develops roots, and Potassium strengthens the vascular system and tissues of bonsai and other plants.

Are Ho Yoku products safe?

When used as directed, all of Ho Yoku’s products are safe for plants, people, pets, and other important organisms such as bees. Keep Ho Yoku products out of the reach of children or pets. As a safety precaution, do not ingest, inhale, or cause unnecessary direct contact with Ho Yoku products. In the case of accidental ingestion, call your local poison control center for further instructions. If other health concerns arise, consult your doctor, or call 911. All of Ho Yoku’s products have clear directions for use and feature packaging which is designed to avoid issues.

Where can I find Ho Yoku products?

Contact Ho Yoku for a list of fine retailers in your area who carry our products. Alternatively, ask your local garden stores or bonsai nurseries to stock the Ho Yoku line of superior bonsai and plant support products.

What should I do if I need more help with Ho Yoku products and services?

For information and assistance not available on our website, email us at info@hoyokuproducts.com